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Home Care Wait Times

""The Government of Ontario's investment in home and community care will help to improve timely access to home care so people across the province, especially seniors, can live independently in their communities and homes for as long as possible.

When CCAC Care Coordinators assess a person's care needs, they determine how urgently services are needed, in order to provide care to those who need it most, first.  Patients who need care on an urgent basis will get the care they need right away, while people with less complex care needs, and those who don't need care as urgently, may wait a few days for their services to start. 

CCACs are continuously working to decrease wait times for their patients.  Over the past three years, CCACs have reduced wait times by 24 per cent for nine out of 10 patients. In fact, most CCAC patients are already receiving home care services before the province's target wait time of five days. 

For 2012/2013, CCACs ensured:

  • 50 per cent of patients referred through the community receive home care service within 5 days and 90 per cent of patients receive service within 33 days
  • 50 per cent of patients referred through hospital get home care service within 1 day of referral and 90 per cent of patients receive service within 6 days

Although wait times for home care are not yet publicly reported by each CCAC, CCACs are diligently working together to standardize the way wait times are measured and reported to ensure continuous quality improvement and provincial consistency.

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