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Member Services

""The OACCAC provides a comprehensive range of business and technology services to Ontario's CCACs, ensuring streamlined processes and efficiency.

This allows CCACs to focus on what they do best: providing patients with the right care, at the right time, in the right place.


Policy and Research

As Ontario's population ages, the home and community care sector gains increasing importance within the broader health-care system. The public affairs and strategic communications team supports the work of the CCACs by consolidating and refining CCAC's policy and communications efforts to ensure a strong, unified voice when interacting with key stakeholders, government, media, and the wider health system community. Supporting the contribution of Ontario's CCACs to the health-care policy landscape by developing papers, submissions and reports on health policy, the OACCAC supports knowledge sharing and helps demonstrate the value of home and community care as a critical part of a high-functioning, sustainable health-care system, now and in the future.

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Innovations in Care

The home and community care sector is evolving and growing in order to better meet the needs of an ever-changing population. With a commitment to continuous quality improvement, the OACCAC and CCACs work together developing provincial innovations in care and approaches to their implementation. These ongoing efforts ensure patients receive timely, high-quality care and support our members and partners to work together more effectively and efficiently. Discover the provincial initiatives being implemented by CCACs.

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Quality and Transparency

CCACs are steadfast in the goal of creating consistently high-quality patient experiences. The OACCAC supports CCACs in gathering, measuring and reporting health information data to continuously improve the patient experience and support health system planning. Read the CCAC Quality Report, fast facts about CCACs, and information on wait times and procurement.

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Ensuring that CCAC staff have the most up-to-date information and resources to deliver the best care possible, the education team at the OACCAC develops and delivers programs, tools, and education services to help improve staff performance and relationship management. These services are available to all CCACs.

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The acquisition of goods and services follow five key principles, accountability, transparency, value for money, quality service delivery and process standardization. Based on the purpose of the acquired goods and services, the OACCAC procurement activities are split into two distinct categories:  CCAC procurement of client services and OACCAC corporate procurement services.

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Project Management

CCACs focus on ensuring that patient care is supported through the right technologies and processes. Our business technology division helps CCACs and health-care partners streamline operations through the development and implementation of business and technology platforms. By establishing standard processes based on best practice, the OACCAC project management office (PMO) supports CCACs in the implementation of new technologies and initiatives within the sector and improves the quality of deliverables. The PMO serves as a centralized hub for CCAC provincial projects and OACCAC projects and ensures each project is delivered as close to the forecasted time, budget and scope as possible. 

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