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Technology Shared Services

""CCACs have long recognized the value of technology tools, knowledge and expertise in creating operational efficiencies, and more importantly, to providing better patient care. CCACs focus on ensuring that patient care is supported through the right technologies – whether developed by the OACCAC, purchased, or through joint partnerships.

The OACCAC's business technology division helps CCACs and health-care partners streamline operations through the development and implementation of business and technology platforms. Leveraging technology to create efficiencies, our business and technology platforms allow CCACs to focus on what they do best: getting people the care they need across the province.


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Enabling care through technology

A key role in serving our members is providing technology solutions that directly enable CCACs to provide better quality care to patients at home and in the community. This means developing the electronic means by which CCACs capture, access and share relevant patient data and health information – amongst themselves, and with community health-care partners. Timely, accurate and complete health information available to health-care providers at the point of care increases quality, efficiency and safety for patients.

These solutions include:

  • Client Health and Related Information System (CHRIS)
  • Health Partner Gateway
  • Community Health Portal
  • Document Management System
  • Patient Assessment Tool

Enabling care through technology also includes providing patients and the public with self-service, web-based, health-care information and referrals, empowering people to locate local resources best-suited to their health-care needs.

Now launched provincially, our community-based web resource, connects people with the information they need about health-care services and supports in their community, complementing our telephone support resource, 310-2222 (CCAC)(English) and 310-2272 (CASC) (French).

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Product Development

Leveraging innovations in technology to provide better, safer care is an important part of the CCAC's goal of continuous improvement in the care delivered to people across Ontario. Our product development team supports the work of CCACs and works closely with health partners to deliver technology solutions that improve patient care and outcomes. These innovative products also support planning and decision-making across the home and community care sector.

For every project, we work with our members and actively engage all stakeholders throughout the process to ensure the end product meets business needs while adhering to privacy and security standards.


Product Management

CCACs are the only part of the Ontario's health-care system with a single province wide e-health platform. This provides all CCACs access to common information and the ability to leverage technology to support strong connections and effective communication between home care, hospitals and primary care which improves their ability to effectively respond to people's needs and create a smooth care experience.

The OACCAC product management team ensures that CHRIS and other applications continue to meet the business and operational needs of the CCACs and add value to the day-to-day work processes of CCACs and their health partners.

We achieve this by collaborating with CCACs, and actively planning with them for the development and implementation of new products and features. We work with all stakeholders to understand their business needs and opportunities and we collaborate with them to determine how technology can help. We also manage the requirements through the development process. 

At the same time, on behalf of the CCAC and external partners, we manage the products in production, and work with them to enhance and improve the current functionality.


Information Management

Putting patients first, our technology platform works together to provide the richest source of home and community care data in Canada and possibly the world. Data obtained from CCAC assessment tools and the e-health record system is used to improve quality, enhance evidence-based care, support research, measure performance and health outcomes, develop patient-based payment models and inform health system planning.  

Data collected by the CCACs forms the foundation for our strategic and operational decision-making. As a single point of contact for sharing patient data and health information with health system partners, the OACCAC processes this data to generate robust reporting and analytics. These findings support accountability and internal benchmarking mandates, and also facilitate project planning and advocacy work.


IT Services

Providing reliable technology-based solutions for CCACs helps their day-to-day operations run smoothly – for all users, at all times. The provincial systems that the OACCAC maintains and supports are run on an extensive infrastructure system of networks, data centres, hardware and software.  We ensure this infrastructure is up-to-date, running efficiently and available.

Our information technology experts continually seek to drive efficiencies; improve service delivery and support processes; and enable organization-wide utilization of standard hardware and software solutions.

The IT services team is responsible for procuring equipment and software, as well as managing software licenses province-wide. We provide ongoing support for:

  • Architecture: ""standardizing and consolidating applications and services
  • Operations: applications, network and infrastructure management and monitoring, IT service support and delivery, vendor management, and voice over IP (VoIP) telecom support
  • Security management: firewalls, intrusion prevention and analytics, web, enterprise antivirus and anti-malware, and VoIP security


Enterprise Architecture

The technology solutions used by CCACs must all work together to support information sharing among CCACs and their health-care partners. Carefully ensuring the architecture is in place to enable these systems to pass information to one another is essential as they are being developed and enhanced. The enterprise architecture team works with product development, IT Services, and product management to create the initial solution architecture and high level design. This includes both information system and information technology solutions. The group helps to ensure that all solutions are consistent and meet all required OACCAC and CCAC policies. Enterprise Architecture also works with our eHealth partners to ensure we are all working towards common standards and goals. This eliminates duplication of effort and allows for seamless integration with any current and future technologies being developed by our partners.


Privacy and Security

CCACs have the important responsibility of ensuring each patient's personal health information is securely protected. As we develop innovative technology solutions for CCACs with patient data and health information, privacy and security is our highest priority. Not only do we adhere strictly to the provincial and federal laws and acts governing patient health records, we have created additional technology- and policy-based safeguards protecting these physical and digital information systems and assets.

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Customer Service Management and Enterprise Service Desk (ESD)

CCACs and their health-care partners rely on our technology-based solutions for many of the day-to-day functions required for quality service delivery. We understand the need for responsive and comprehensive system support and provide our members with clear inquiry and escalation procedures to ensure issues are addressed and questions are answered. The ESD is the single point of contact for our members, coordinating information between the user, service groups and third-party technology partners. Focussed on achieving results, our service support processes are modeled on best practices and designed with communications, availability, and quality response goals.


Members Portal

Collaboration and communication is at the heart of exceptional service delivery. Our team develops, manages and supports the Members Portal, an online collaboration space where the OACCAC, CCACs and their partners can work together and share information with each other.


Leveraging Technology to Streamline Administrative Processes

CCACs are multi-location and multi-agreement organizations with complex financial and human resource needs.

CCACs, with support from the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, have implemented a province wide shared system for Financial and Human Resources administration. This platform is used by CCACs and supported by the OACCAC to manage day-to-day financial needs, as well as to provide powerful reporting and analysis tools informing decision making. It is also used to handle payroll, staff scheduling, human resource management and employee access to information.